Give yourself a Warzone boost with an armory of weapons and equipment in these secret bunkers with these locations and unlock codes!

Picture this;  You purchased Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, completed the single player campaign and you’ve just stepped out into Verdansk to compete in Warzone.

You’re scavenging around for money, armor and weapons you can use to defend yourself until you can summon your loadout……

And you’re being slapped, relentlessly – left, right and centre by hostiles with superior weapons, stopping power rounds, a cache of armor and goodies such as UAVs, Precision Airstrikes and Cluster Strikes.   Pretty demoralising hey?  Try not to throw that controller!

How can I get a boost? 

Get yourself down to a bunker or locked room/shack using our ‘treasure map’ below.  We’ve even got the secret codes for you too!

When you arrive (have those handguns locked and loaded ready for some competition), just roll up on the keypad and punch in the corresponding code

And hey presto, a sea of orange boxes and other easter egg items await;

Kit you and your friends out with money, armor, weapons, killstreak items and go and conquer the battlefield!

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