Playstation 5 PS5 Disc Drive DVD Blu-Ray Repair Service


What's Included

Your machine does not recognise or read discs, DVD's or Blu Rays.

The machine is giving you 'disc read error' messages.

Games will load intermittently or games won't load or install to 100%.

The game may play but crash or freeze during gameplay.

Your machine takes a long time to read discs.

Your machine accepts but does not spin discs.

Your machine has a disc stuck in the reader.

Your drive is jammed/won’t accept a disc or makes grinding noises when a disc is inserted.

Book your console under this fault if you experience any (or all) of the above issues

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3 Month Warranty

If your Sony PS5 Playstation 5 machine has a Blu Ray Drive problem or fault that means it will not read, spin or even accept discs, then this repair service is to fix problems or faults with the disc reader/blu ray drive in the PS5.

Your discs may load intermittently, your games may hang or freeze, or the machine may display a read error message or associated error code.

Your drive may make strange grinding noises or click or bang repeatedly.  Your machine may have taken your disc and won’t eject it.

This repair service is to fix any Blu Ray drive/disc reader issue with the Sony PS5 Playstation 5 machine.

Book this service, package your machine securely and look out for our email with further instructions. Then simply send to us with your details and a brief description of the problems you are experiencing and we will take care of the rest!

This price includes return of your machine to any UK destination and includes a 90 Day Warranty (providing the machine qualifies).

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Models (PS4 Repair)

Playstation 4 PS4 Original 500GB, Playstation 4 PS4 Original 1TB, Playstation 4 PS4 Slim 500GB, Playstation 4 PS4 Slim 1TB, Playstation 4 PS4 Pro 1TB

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