Playstation 5 PS5 No Display Output/HDMI Port Repair Service


What's Included

Your machine turns on but has no display output.

There is no picture on your TV/monitor screen

The console turns on and has a flickering screen.

Your HDMI port is visibly damaged/loose.

The pins inside the HDMI port look bent or deformed.

Book your console under this fault if you experience any (or all) of the above issues

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3 Month Warranty

Due to the size and upright configuration of the PS5 machine, it becomes the norm that people will feel around for the HDMI port on their machine with the cable rather than trying to locate it visually when plugging in the machine.

In these circumstances, particularly where machines are regularly plugged and unplugged, ports will inevitably become damaged in the process.

If your Sony PS5 Playstation 5 machine has a HDMI or Display Output problem or fault, it could power on to a white light, you could have a ‘no input detected’ message on your screen, or the screen could flicker (which may get worse or better by wiggling the cable).

There could be visible damage to the port, to the port pins, the port could be broken or snapped, or it could be deformed.

It could be a specific fault with the IC HDMI encoder chip situated on the board, or another similar component.

This repair service is to fix any HDMI port/display issue with the Sony PS5 Playstation 5 machine.

Book this service, package your machine securely and look out for our email with further instructions. Then simply send to us with your details and a brief description of the problems you are experiencing and we will take care of the rest!

This price includes return of your machine to any UK destination and includes a 90 Day Warranty (providing the machine qualifies).

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Models (PS4 Repair)

Playstation 4 PS4 Original 500GB, Playstation 4 PS4 Original 1TB, Playstation 4 PS4 Slim 500GB, Playstation 4 PS4 Slim 1TB, Playstation 4 PS4 Pro 1TB

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